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The world is talking about smart machines, smart networks, smart cities and actually implementing many of these ideas into reality. Internet of Things has become an important driver for smoothness in doing business and overall grow it in terms of expanding it as well as the profitability. Transportation is surely a major contributor to the […]

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There are many different types of handyman services and different handymen specialize in different skills. So, it is not necessary that every professional handyman will offer the same services until & unless they are certified/skilled in those even though they present themselves as “general handyman services” or something similar. Here’s a handyman services list that […]

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“जेव्हा अधर्म, अत्याचार, अनिती ह्यांचा कडेलोट होतो, त्यावेळी भगवंत अवतार घेतो” मथुरेचा राजा कंस ह्याच्या अधर्म, अत्याचार, अनितीला जेव्हा प्रजा त्रासली. कंसाने काय केले नाही, त्याने आपली बहिण देवकी आणि तिचा पती वसुदेव ह्यांना बंदीशाळेत टाकले. कां तर तिच्या पोटी जन्माला येणारा पुत्र हा तुझा वध करील ही आकाशवाणी त्यानं ऐकली होती. आपला शत्रू जन्मताच […]

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